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Monkeys With Machine Guns

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Sountrack Picture Disc!
To be released in conjuction with 4321 Films.

"Its like those great fake bands in old surf movies. You guys hit it right on. The SAX! That is so easy to screw up, but you guys used it perfectly, not too much, sort of as a bass line. There's a great album (with a gorilla on the cover) by Eddie Angel (Los Straight Jackets) called Guitar Party (recorded wonderfully by Liam Watson @ Toe Rag) that uses the sax in a similar way. Its one of my faves."

Brian W of the The Primate 5!

Zombie Producer
Monkeys with Machine Guns is a Northwest Supergroup which features the combined talent of members of Girl Trouble, the Dehumanizers,The Manatees, The Mercury Four, The Queen Annes, Tiny Hat Orchestra, and Scream Radio. All brought together by producer & label owner Erik 4-A for the sole purpose of making Good Music for Budget Films. Composer Erik 4-A was influenced by early AIP B-movie music ledgends Davie Allen & the Arrows, Spaghetti Western Composer Ennio Moricone, Monty Norman (of the James Bond theme), Jerry Goldsmith (from the Flint and Planet Of The Apes! films), Henry Mancini, as well as early Motown and Stax Soul music and decided to put together a studio band to reflect those tastes & styles.

The Ed in Retardead!
The Rhythm Section consists of;

Drums- Ed Portnow (the Dehumanizers, The Manatees, and The Bastards of Jazz)
Bass- Dan Stanard (The Long Faces, Maybryhood, Skinflower, [Detroit's Ledgendary] Mortals, The Blanks, etc...)
Piano/Lead Sax-Joey Saint John-Ryan (Scream Radio, etc...)
Hammond C-3 Organ- Jim Sadler (Vis-sVis, Sex Therapy, The Flyin' Saucers, Go Man Go, The Deep End, The Mercury Four, Doghouse Peepshow, The Beehives, or The Soul Proprietors)
Rhythm/Lead Guitar- Bill "Kahuna" Henderson (Girl Trouble) plus extra bass help from Jeff Eason also of Scream Radio.

The Horn Section consists of;
Trumpets- Mark "Memby" Bentz (The Bastards of Jazz & Tiny Hat Orchestra) and Steve Lorhentz (also in the The Queen Annes' Horn Section on "Revenge!" too!)
Trombone- Marc Smason
Alto & Tenor Saxes- Keith Beesley (The Bastards of Jazz) Joey St. John Ryan and guest sax appearance by Retardette, Amy Denio

Horns Arranged by Ian Rashkin of Un-Labeled Records

Horny Apes

With Vocals by;
Kurt "K.P." Kendall (of Girl Trouble)
and Lisa Rein

Lisa & Kurt Now posing Like Superheros
Photos by Lisa Rein

Plus Backing Vocals by the "Re-Tar-Dettes"!
Amy Denio
Gillian Gaar
Lisa Rein

The Gouls! The Gouls!
Photos by Lisa Rein

More Gouls! Even More Gouls!

Music Composed by Erik "Dr. Zaius" 4-A, Lyrics by Dan "General Ursus" West, Rick "Where's Aldo?" Popko and Erik 4-A Copyright 2003 & 2004/5 Vagrant Records & 4321 Films.

An Inteligent Simian! Or a Baldheaded Ape!
Photos by Lisa Rein

Also with Special Guest Musicians for "The Ballad of #2 (the theme to Monsturd)";
Rhythm/Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals- Kip Phillips
Drums- James Gascoinge
Upright Bass- Ian Rashkin
Music composed by Kip Phillips, Lyrics written by Dan West & Rick Popko, sung by Lisa Rein. Copyright 2000 by Kip Phillips Q & A Music, 4321 Films and (p) 2000 by Vagrant Records.

Also featured on other incidental music on this release (from the The Green Pajamas and Pistol Pete);
  • Joe Ross-Bass
  • Karl Wilhelm-Drums

    Speacial assistance rendured by Tristan Springmeyer (camera), William Swann (guts wrangler) and Lisa Mott (as the unfortunate victim). Seattle Retardead Film Crew

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