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Erik 4-A

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Releases - "Head Trip, The Greatest Hits that Never Were!" (2000)

COMMING SOON!- "Erik 4-A, Lock & Roar!"

Head Trip Cover
Erik 4-A has been Recording since the mid 1980's. From his first band the MonGrells/Bassics, through the Surrealists, to the Long Faces and Pistol Pete's Hoedown Serenade, he has never stopped comming up with Different and Innovative Musical Ideas. This is a release of many of those things and also a History of his work to date.

With many different musical tastes, Erik 4-A has melded them into a strange brew of Psychedelic/World/Surf/Pop. His influences range from the Beatles, Byrds, British Invasion Pop, to the Hard Noise Art of the Velvet Underground with twinges of Ravi Shankar and Dick Dale. (Scary HUH!). This retrospective of tunes and Experiments is what got him to where he is today. Absolutely Nowhere! That isn't to say he is going there very fast!

So to listen to this Release of Pop/Experimental/Instrumental/Psych ephemera will not only Entertain & Amuse you, but also Enlighten You to a world of Music that could be (but really shouldn't be!).

This Release is "ULTRA RARE" so pick it up while you can!

Northwest Rock Trading Card Photo circa 1991