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2008/9 NEWS

New Projects & New Products

Coming in 2008! - The debut release "Bag O' Tricks" by San Francisco's Ol' Cheeky Bastards and second releases by Country/Bluesman Howlin' Houndog with "Loud & Live (in the studio)", and Canada's 24 Hour Church of Beer with their second CD outing "Sacrelicious" . We are also still working on releases for 20 year NW Rock veterans Girl Trouble, Rockin' Rod & the (New) Strychnines and also the band Green Handshake With past releases by The Green Pajamas, also the 2006 release by Seattle's weird rockers Wad! Hopefully there will also be the debut of the soundtrack weirdness of Monkeys With Machine Guns for 4321 Films and their long awaited release of their film RetarDead!, plus plenty more surprises in store.

We have also re-released (in Limited Quantities) some of our more obscure back catalog Titles. Please look in the Releases Section of our online catalog.

There are many NEW THINGS still yet to come, so STAY TUNED!

Independent Film Sountrack Services Available!
Currently we are working with 4321 Films on a sountrack for their next film. We also contributed to the sountrack for the documentary Settling In Seattle which premiered at Kane Hall on the UW Campus on June 19th, 2003. Featuring Music recorded by Erik 4-A of Paul Rubenstein (from Bakshish and Neem) and the Blue Faces. Produced by Lisa Russell of Governess Films in NYC. For more details on the Premier, go Here.

Book your studio time early this year and don't miss out!
Studio V is Very Busy cranking out Recordings for many bands from all over the country (Check our News Section for Details). Start work on next year's releases and book your studio time early. Please consider this when you decide to book studio time here. We'd hate to see you miss out!

With our 2" 16/24-track analog tape machines, our 750 square foot Live Room (with 12 foot ceilings), plus our recently refurbished 40 channel Harrison MR-4 console, and the only REAL, Acoustic Reverb Chamber (designed by Accoustician, Glenn D. White) in Seattle. These have proven Valuable Tools to all the Successful Recordings that have come out of this Studio.
All this, and many new surprises still in store.


If you're interested simply call us at 206.525.0628.

Or if you wish to see PHOTOS you may go here.
Still Missing Bass!
Return my bass!
Still missing a Music Man Stingray Bass with Kaylor "Whammy Bridge" was taken from bass player Dan Stanard's car on Monday May 30, 2005 between 2-3 p.m. on N. Thomas Street here in Seattle, between 2nd & Third Ave N. by the Mountaineer's Center. The bass (pictured to the right) has a quite distinctive paint job to it. We would like to get it back to Dan even after all this time, he would sincerely be very grateful to whomever brings it back into his hands. You may send us a message here with any information you might have on where to locate it. Let's all do what is RIGHT and correct this Rank Injustice.

In Other News..
Read a PDF from Northwest Cascade Contruction on the construction of Studio V.

Tape Op Magazine has published an interview of acoustician Glenn D. White by Vagrant Records owner Erik 4-A.

The Seattle Sun, June 2002, features and article on the Remodeled Studio V. Click here to check out the article.

ALSO, we have now posted an on-line version of the 1998 European Tour article on the The Boss Martians which was published in The Rocket Magazine and written by Vagrant Records's Owner, Erik 4-A. This article also contains "unpublished" photos of that tour.
To read all about it Click Here.

Check out our Catalog Section for other Deals!

Check out the catalog for a list of all available titles. (Prices do not include shipping) While supplies last!

Last Update April 10, 2008


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